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Embark on Your Mongolian Adventure with Style: The Ultimate Packing Guide

Are you gearing up for an unforgettable journey to the captivating landscapes of Mongolia? Here’s your essential packing guide to ensure that your adventure is not just thrilling but also incredibly comfortable. Given the unpredictable weather in Mongolia, preparation is key.


Opt for a spacious travel backpack or duffle bag with long zips and handles, and don’t forget to secure it with a handy small lock. For your daily essentials, a compact backpack for your camera, water bottle, and personal items is a must.


  • Comfortable lightweight boots for walking
  • Rubber slippers for ger camps’ bathrooms
  • Waterproof and windproof raincoat or cloak with a hood
  • Warm coat or jacket
  • Scarf, hat, gloves
  • Casual city wear: pants, shirt, pullover, and skirt
  • Short-sleeved shirt or T-shirt: 2-3 pieces
  • Long-sleeved sweater: 1-2 pieces
  • Sizable pullover or jacket
  • Quick-drying thin pants or skirt: 2 pairs
  • Socks, underwear, nightwear
  • Scarf to cover your head: 1-2 pieces

Technical Supplies:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Bed sheet or inner liner for added warmth
  • Clear plastic bag for organizing small items
  • Sunglasses (with a cover)
  • Extra sunglasses if needed
  • 1-liter water bottle
  • Pocket knife
  • Sanitation essentials (including eco-friendly face soap)
  • Quick-drying thin towel for washing and drying
  • Jacklight or headlight with batteries
  • First aid or medicine box, sun cream, female hygiene products, etc.

Other Essentials:

  • Camera, film, binoculars
  • Books, magazines, notebooks, and a tabouret box
  • Money belt
  • Travel-friendly snacks
  • Delightful gifts for nomadic families: hats, t-shirts, pens, notebooks, or children’s toys

Gifts play a significant role in Mongolian culture, especially when visiting nomadic families. Be sure to show your appreciation for their hospitality with thoughtful presents. Remember, when presenting gifts, hand them to the adults, even if they are intended for the kids.

As you glance over this perfect packing list for Mongolia, get ready to fill your suitcase with excitement and anticipation. Leave a bit of room for souvenirs to share the magic of Mongolia with friends, family, and yourself.

Wishing you the best packing experience and an enchanting time in Mongolia!

Frequently asked question

Is Mongolia a safe destination?

Absolutely! Mongolia boasts one of the world’s lowest crime rates, making it a remarkably safe destination comparable to the US and Europe. Embrace the warmth of Mongolian hospitality as locals welcome you with open arms.

How do I get to Mongolia?

Embark on your Mongolian adventure via air or train! MIAT Mongolian Airlines offers year-round flights to Europe and Asia, including Berlin, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Istanbul. Foreign carriers like Air China, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Air Busan, Aeroflot and Turkish airline.

What’s the weather like in Mongolia?

Contrary to popular belief, Mongolia isn’t the coldest corner of the world. Winter lasts from November to March, with the most frigid temperatures occurring only in mid-December to January. Summer brings cool winds, and the best time to visit is from mid-June to mid September for sunny days and lush landscapes.

When Is the best time to visit Mongolia?

Plan your visit during the Mongolian summer, from mid-June to the first week of September, for optimal weather. Experience sunny days and lush steppes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

What are the roads like?

Driving in Mongolia often means off-road adventures, especially outside Ulaanbaatar. While main travel destinations have paved roads, remote areas like the Altai Mountains, the far west, and the Gobi attractions may require off-road driving.

What’s Mongolia’s Currency?

Mongolia uses the tugrik. Exchange rates have been stable, ranging between 3420-3500 Mongolian tugriks against 1 USD. Exchange currencies at banks in Ulaanbaatar, as countryside options may be limited. Credit cards work in major city establishments, but having tugriks is advisable for smaller shops and rural areas.

What Kind of Plugs Are Used?

Mongolia uses a 220V standard, with most sockets accepting round twin forks. Bring an adaptor for devices with flat forks, available at most international airports.

What About Internet and Postal Services?

The central post office offers reliable postal services. Mobile services are widespread, especially in central towns, using GSM and CDMA networks. Mobile phone signal is quite good in Mongolia, although coverage may be patchy in remotest areas. The main carriers are Mobicom,Unitel, Skytel and G-Mobile. Mobicom and Unitel operate on GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). G-Mobile and Skytel are both on the CDMA network.

Can I Speak English?

While Mongolian is the official language, English is increasingly spoken, especially in urban areas. Learning basic Mongolian is appreciated, and a phrase book can be handy for communication.

Where Should I Stay?

Enjoy 3-4 star hotels and motels, guesthouses in Ulaanbaatar and unique accommodations in the countryside, from tourist camps to nomadic families. Immerse yourself in local culture by staying with nomadic families, providing a rich cultural experience.

Can I Follow a Special Diet?

Absolutely! Mongolia caters to various dietary needs. Notify your tour operator in advance, and vegan and vegetarian options are available, even in remote areas.

What Transportation Options Are Available?

Explore Mongolia in 4×4 vehicles, covering 100-430 km per day. Domestic flights are excluded in programs, and horses or camels may be used for trekking in inaccessible areas.

Are There Baggage Restrictions on Domestic Flights?

For domestic flights, the weight limit is 10 kilograms for checked baggage and 5 kilograms for hand luggage. Be mindful of overweight charges, approximately $2.5 per pound.

How Much Should I Tip?

While tipping is not mandatory, it’s recommended and fair to local partners. Tipping amounts vary based on trip factors.

What Should I Pack?

Pack light, using squashy, lockable, and waterproof bags or backpacks. A day pack for essentials and a smaller bag for trek storage are advisable.

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