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  • 4 days 3 nights
  • Khan Khentii Mountain Range
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Embark on a captivating horse trek through Mongolia’s pristine landscapes to discover the hidden gem of Khagiin Khar Us Nuur, also known as Khagiin Black Lake. Nestled in the Baga Khan Khentii Mountain range at an altitude of 1800m, this remote glacial lake offers a sanctuary surrounded by lush forests.

Our journey explores two protected areas: Gorkhi Terelj National Park, renowned for its stunning rock formations and alpine forests, and Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, spanning 12,270 km2 in Eastern Mongolia. Immerse yourself in nearly uninhabited lands, home to diverse wildlife, including endangered species and over 250 bird species.

Experience the untouched beauty of strictly protected areas, where herding and tourism are regulated, and activities like hunting and mining are prohibited. Khan Khentii holds historical significance as the alleged birthplace of Genghis Khan and a rumored location of his tomb.

Anticipate sunny days and frosty mornings as you traverse these landscapes. Pack essentials like waterproofs, thermal clothing, and gloves for a memorable adventure through the captivating terrain of Mongolia. Get ready to create lasting memories in this untouched paradise!

What’s included:

  • Accommodation: Ger camps and tented camps
  • Guiding: Expert interpretation and navigation
  • Meals: Full board with local and international cuisine
  • Transport: 4×4 vehicles or minivans
  • Entrance Fees: To protected areas and national parks
  • Horse Guide and Horses: For an authentic horse trekking experience
  • Camping Equipment: Provided for a comfortable outdoor stay

What’s not included:

  • Personal Equipment: Bring your own gear
  • Optional Activities: Additional costs outlined
  • Alcoholic Drinks: Not included
  • Travel Insurance: Highly recommended
Day1: Terelj National Park

Embark on an unforgettable journey as we depart early from Ulaanbaatar. By noon, we find ourselves standing in the presence of the legendary Chinggis Khan statue, a symbol of Mongolia’s rich history. Dive into the awe-inspiring details of this landmark before we set our course for the mesmerizing Terelj National Park.

In the heart of Terelj, prepare to be enchanted by the iconic Turtle Rock and discover tranquility at the Aryapala Monastery. Crossing the Terelj River, our night is spent in the cozy embrace of a traditional Ger (Yurt), immersing you in the authentic Mongolian experience.

Day2: Head to Khag Khar Lake

Day two signals a thrilling shift as we venture 28 km from Khagiin Khar Lake, transitioning from car to horse for the ultimate connection with nature. Embark on a 10-15 km horseback ride through untouched landscapes, a path exclusively traversed by these magnificent creatures. This isolated terrain guarantees encounters with diverse wildlife, making it a truly unique experience. Our night unfolds under the stars as we camp in the midst of this unexplored wilderness.

Day3: Arriving at Khag Khar Lake

Today, we reach the breathtaking Khagiin Khar Lake. Pitching our camp against this stunning backdrop, you’ll savor the serene beauty of nature. The early morning at Khagiin Khar Lake is nothing short of magical, offering a picturesque landscape that will undoubtedly capture your heart.

Day4: The Last Ride

As our horseback adventure draws to a close, we embark on a final ride covering approximately 28 km. Returning to our starting point, we indulge in a small picnic before evening drives us back to Ulaanbaatar. Reflect on the memories forged in the heart of Mongolia’s untamed beauty, cherishing the moments of this extraordinary horse trekking tour.

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    Anna E

    Horse trekking

    Traveling through Mongolia’s mountains on horseback was an incredible experience. Very grounding and kind of therapeutic for me. Bataa always made an effort to satisfy everyone’s wishes and helped us understand his county’s traditions. I felt very well taken care of and welcomed by his kindness and humor. I can only recommend traveling with Bataa, he was one of the reasons why that trip was so special.

  • image description

    Kathi Schnatti

    Horse trekking
    05/08/2023 Helpful

    If you were always dreaming of an amazing, unforgettable, very special and very intense journey – Bataa from Taiga Nomadic Travel is your man to help you out!!
    Why? Because he is responsible for a super well organized trip with:
    x landscapes that let you feel being directly in the scenario of “lord of the rings”
    x top powerful and brave horses, that will steal your heart forever
    x super friendly, generous and diligent team members of horse-men and eagle-hunters, who are making you feel like a champion on the horse and survive every challenge on the way
    x excellent talented cooks, letting you discover the varied culinary of Mongolian food
    x a loooot of fun and laughing, after you probably could have belly soreness
    x huge adventures, which you will tell your grandchildren for sure

    And probably many many many things more!
    I am so thankful for every second during this time and so happy about experienced this with this people!

  • image description

    Stephanie D

    Horse trekking
    18/10/2023 Helpful

    Bataa is an amazing Guide. You feel safe at every time. He takes care of his clients and make them always feel very comfortable. I can recommend him without exception. When you’re looking for a great time in Mongolia, Bataa should be your Guide. Thanks for everything! See you next year.

  • image description


    Short tour
    20/10/2023 Helpful

    It was a dream for me to discover Mongolia on horseback. The experience was even more incredible than I had hoped, and one thing’s for sure, Bataa had a lot to do with it. Thanks to him, we got to know the traditions and people of Mongolia. He was available 24 hours a day to help us communicate with our guides and helped us, explaining what we should and shouldn’t do. He was there for the laughing, the good times but also when we were having a hard time. Perfect guy-de😃 ! I’ll definetely do my next trip with him again !

  • image description

    Alessandro C

    Horse trekking
    28/11/2023 Helpful

    That was the most exciting experience of my life. Our guide Bata was always very helpful and helped us with every problem imaginable.
    I will never forget this trip.
    Thank you for everything.

  • image description

    Leonie M

    Events & Festivals
    19/10/2023 Helpful

    Where should I start – I had an an indescribable and amazing experience from the beginning until the end and further.

    I was on a very well-organized nine-day riding tour with a small group of people. Bataa from Taiga Nomadic Travel accompanied our group and did incredible work to provide us with unforgettable experiences (for example feeding eagles, eating traditional Mongolian food, galloping bareback through the Mongolian steppe and heading camels).
    Always helpful and friendly, he enabled communication with the Mongolian horsemen, took us to Gers and introduced us to nomadic families and their way of living. Further, he spontaneously organized an additional three-day stay with a family of Kazakh Eagle Hunters – another once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Bataa was always available, helping with several issues and did his very best to fulfill all desires. My expectations were more than satisfied and for certain it wasn’t my last tour with Taiga Nomadic Travel.

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