Khuyagaa – Altai mountains

Meet Khuyagaa, a nomad in the Altai mountains of Mongolia. With camels, horses, sheep, goats, and cows, his life is a symphony of nomadic existence. Beyond being a skilled horseman, Khuyagaa is a gifted jewelry craftsman, weaving stories of tradition into every piece. Join him in the Altai for a journey where nomadic artistry and… Continue reading Khuyagaa – Altai mountains

Boldoo – Altai mountains

Meet Boldoo: Nomad, Spirit Whisperer, and Master of the Altai Mountains. Living with his family in Mongolia’s rugged Altai, Boldoo, a skilled spirit horse tamer, rejects modernity. Choosing camels over trucks, he embodies the nomadic spirit against the ancient winds and towering peaks. Join Boldoo on a journey celebrating freedom, nature, and the untamed life… Continue reading Boldoo – Altai mountains

Uuld – Central Mongolia

Introducing Uuld, a seasoned professional driver with 30 years of expertise behind the wheel since the age of 18. Beyond driving, he’s a horse enthusiast, owning and training a spirited herd in central Mongolia, injecting the thrill of racing into each one. Join us for a ride with Uuld, where decades of skill and a… Continue reading Uuld – Central Mongolia

Ochir & Suir – Eight lake area

Meet Ochir and his son Suir, nomads weaving tales in the Orkhon Valley and Eight Lake region. Ochir, a skilled singer with roots in Mongolian long song tradition, occasionally serenades lucky travelers during our adventures. Join us for a harmonious blend of nomadic life and the stunning landscapes, where Ochir’s melodies become the soundtrack to… Continue reading Ochir & Suir – Eight lake area

Chika – Western Mongolia

Meet Chika, the youngest son of eagle hunter Manaa in Western Mongolia. A guardian of tradition, Chika, with his golden eagle, hunts foxes from September to February. In the vast wilderness, their partnership echoes the enduring legacy of his family. Join Chika on a journey through seasons, a captivating dance of culture and nature in… Continue reading Chika – Western Mongolia

Bataa – Ulaanbaatar

Introducing Bataa, the brains behind Taiga Travel Mongolia LLC. Born in the Eastern Mongolian steppe, Bataa combines a robust marketing and tourism background to create extraordinary travel experiences since 2009. Beyond business, he’s a photography enthusiast, history buff, and avid horse rider. Join us for adventures crafted by Bataa, where expertise and passion converge for… Continue reading Bataa – Ulaanbaatar

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