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Trip participants have a certain responsibility to the Taiga and to any other members of a trip, if there are any. Participants are responsible for understanding the requirements of the trip and for selecting a trip with the assistance of any of our overseas agents or the Taiga consultant appropriate to their interest and ability. Participants with medical problems or special dietary needs are responsible for informing the Taiga of these issues well in advance. For the protection of all participants, the trip leader reserves the right to prevent anyone from a trip who displays insufficient ability, or whose behavior endangers the safety of other participants. No refund will be made to a participant who is rejected for any such reason, or who is unwilling or unable to complete a tour. Participants are responsible for arranging travel to and from the trip’s meeting point, for carrying valid travel documents, and for obtaining immunizations appropriate to the destination. The Taiga is a Mongolian fully licensed tour operator and our trips, with few exceptions, have a meeting point in Mongolia where the Taiga services start. Participants are required to have adequate health and accident insurance, which is current and includes, if applicable, international coverage for riding and other sporting activities. In addition, participants wishing to horse ride a more than just slow and casually should inform the Taiga and purchase a local coverage for emergency medical evacuation, which can be added to your bill for only USD 45 per person for one-month coverage in Mongolia. Participants are responsible for understanding what is and is not included in the price as outlined in the detailed trip information. Anyone who does not want pictures of themselves to be used in promotional materials should notify the Taiga accordingly.


Upon receipt of your deposit we will proceed to confirm all services. The balance is payable, at the latest 14 days prior to arrival. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation for which payment is not received by the due date.


All deposits US$ 100 or below are non-refundable and all cancellations need be received by the Taiga in writing. For late cancellations, it needs to be received during work hours Mongolian time, so that we can cancel accordingly with any suppliers. For cancellation penalties in percentage of trip price if made:
13-5 days before arrival – 30 %
4-2 days before arrival – 50 %
24 hours prior to arrival or no show – 100%


Payments: All payments can be made by international bank transfers or by credit cards(Visa, Master, American Express, Union Pay) by online payment.


15% of total payment
After receiving your deposit, we will send you Departure information, packing tips and trip insurance information etc.


The prices listed on our website are in U.S dollars and are based on double occupancy. We strive to adhere to the published prices. However, we reserve the right to adjust prices when circumstances beyond our control like fluctuating exchange rates, fuel surcharge or government actions cause significant changes in the prices. We will guarantee the trip price at the time you pay your deposit, even if the reservation is made a year ahead. The only variables will be international train and flight prices, which will be re-sold at face value at the time of issuance to you.


If traveling with 2 parents – 1 child – 50%
If traveling with 2 parents – 2 children – 35%
If traveling with 1 parent – 1 child – 20%
If traveling with 1 parent – 2 children – 15%


We offer at least 10 to 15% discount for travelers at least 8 persons traveling together. Please request a group discount at the time of booking.


The Taiga is not responsible for natural disasters, airline accidents or delays, loss of luggage, or medical and customs regulations. If the Taiga cancels a trip at any time, we will refund the amount the participant has paid to the Taiga. The Taiga supports our local guide’s and crew’s judgment to alter a trip itinerary due to unforeseeable circumstances. These are rare but do exist and are described in detail as hazards at our website.

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